So now that we’ve established that you have been doing projects all along and maybe didn’t realize, the next question is who has been managing it.

So whats a Project Manager……

A project manager run projects, define what needs to be done to meet what the users want, put together the project plans, gather and manage resources. And pretty much make sure that everything runs on track and the project completes on time, on budget, and to the specifications that were requested.

I know your thinking well we have somebody who does all that. We’ll you’re right, I’ll be the first (or maybe the second, LOL) to tell you that many people who don’t have the job title or the certification are indeed project managers. In small businesses and/organization often the person who manages project is the owner, supervisor, president, chairperson, or just a volunteer designee. Although these people may not have the formal training or the background they still manage projects and many manage them very well. So when you think well where’s is our Project Manager look around with a little training, education, and experience many people right in your organization can be project managers.

So if you are aspiring to be that project manager in your group or you just want to hone your skills, this blog is here to help. 

Here’s a little funny clip on how NOT to be a good project manager: