Defense AT&L, Jan-Feb, 2008, by Wayne Turk

Good project management: Is it art, science, or just dumb luck? The answer is that it’s not one but actually a little of all three. There is plenty of room for creativity and flexibility, but there are some good rules to follow. And to be successful is going to require at least a little good luck most of the time. But let’s go back to the rules. I would like to present 20 guidelines or key principles that, if followed, will give a project manager the highest probability of success. Sorry, no one can give a money-back guarantee of success. There are just too many variables over which the project manager doesn’t have control.

Here are the 20 project management guidelines I think are critical. They aren’t in any type of priority listing because all are important. Some readers are going to say they’ve heard all this before, that it’s old hat, tradition, common sense, or something similar. Maybe it is tradition because the guidelines work!

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